Website – Matters

■ Introduction
This page is intended to provide information regarding the website background, plans and current progress and also some technical information for anyone interested. We welcome interest in our club from Worcestershire, Wyre Forest, especially locally from Stourport, Bewdley, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Malvern, Redditch and also Stourbridge and Halesowen.

■ Website – ‘Concerns or Issues’
Any concerns or questions relating to matters concerning this website should be first addressed to the committee using either the Email link, the Contact Form or by phone to the Club Secretary. Please refer to the Committee page.

■ Background
Our domain name was registered November 2017 at the same time as we commenced design and development of the website. We are using a system called WordPress which is very functional and relatively easy to get started at low cost. There is excellent support available if required, plus a well established user Forum to offer further help and assistance to person(s) responsible for the website development and maintenance.

■ Technical
At the backend of the WordPress system is a database called MySQL. Whilst the ability to understand and write at basic code level is a big advantage to the developer or Webmaster, it is not absolutely essential in order to effect basic content updates particularly with respect to images and text. The database and structure provides what feels and functions similar to what is known as a Content Management System (CMS). The site is currently hosted with Heart Internet Services on a server leased to Ray Manton who is a member of the Severn Spinners Club. This will likely be transferred directly to the club at some time in the future to ensure ongoing management, maintenance and upkeep of the domain name and website.

■ Content and design
The general design and structure  of the website is deliberately kept relatively simple in order to provide the appearance of a professional style website. Header images at the top of each website page are displayed randomly from a list of about 10 scenes.Text plus images content as with the menu structure and information displayed will be monitored and approved by the club committee and members. Any issues or concerns regarding content displayed or regarded as inappropriate or possibly confidential or in breach of copyright, should be directed to the committee in writing as a matter of urgently.

■ Objectives
The objective of the website has been agreed as follows: (1) it should provide information for the benefit of existing members. (2) it should provide information that will target New Members who are either new to the hobby or  experienced flyers looking for a suitable local flying club to approach for membership. (3) The website to be visible and easily found in the Google Search Engine with an appropriate Keyword Search Phrase. For example: Severn Spinners or Kidderminster Flying Club and so on.

■ ACTION: To do list + Future considerations 

  • IMPROVE Site Search Option (Advanced)
  • Guidance and Help (section)
    • Transmitter Modes + Starter Models + Radio Gear + IC Engines
    • Training Aid (options)
  • Improve Photo and Video layout (Lightbox)
  • Remove any duplicated images Photo & Video Gallery)
  • ADD Gyrocopters  Page (help from Richard Harris)
  • Online Diary of Events
  • XML Site Map (+Submit to Google)
  • Set up additional (User Login)
  • Members Secure Login Page
  • Add Photos & Videos contributed by Members
  • Newsletter (Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Website Launch date

Thank you
The Severn Spinners Radio Control Society