Wanted and For Sale


■ Hobby Related Items (For sale or Donation)
From time to time, in fact quite frequently, members have ‘hobby related’ items that they may either wish to donate to the club so they may find a worthy home, or to of course sell for a reasonable price (often at a bargain price).

Obviously these items are offered to club members first before being available to non members. Relevant ‘hobby related’ items are likely to be plane models, engines or radio equipment and so on. Please note that at the present time any information regarding any such items is communicated to members by email usually circulated by our Treasurer or Secretary.

■ Members Login page
The plan is to consider a secure ‘Members Login’ page where such items may also be offered to members with more details available when logged in. The Login section or database may well include other information considered to be visible to members only. However this feature is not yet available and will be first considered and approved by members and the committee sometime in the future.

The login feature would comprise of the username being the email address of the member, who would then request this to be authorised along with a login password to be issued which could be renamed by the member. The login email and password would be deleted when not required.

Thank you