Rich Harris – Various Projects

The first sea plane is the Icon, the second is a micro radian glider, the third is Richard’s micro clipped winged cub that was reviewed for RCM&E magazine but never published. We hope there are many more photographs to come from Rich.

I have attached a couple more photos, there are also a couple of plans.

The first model
This is a funfly type model called ‘Rat Out Of Hell’, I drew this for the chap who designed it, Mark Stringer several years ago. His idea was to keep the thrust-line, aerofoil  and tail plane  all on the same centre line hence the strange shaped fuselage, he has built several ‘Rats’and confirms it flies excellent, also is a write up on how it is constructed.

The second model
This is a model I designed back in 2011 as part of the RCM&E ‘mass charity build’, the chosen model for that year was the Steve Webb ‘Webbit’ which is not unlike the WOT 4and Hooligan of the day, just a but smaller. Anyway the idea of the whole mass build was to try and encourage those who had never tackled a build before.

There were allsorts of Webbits built, from Vee tailed versions to bomb droppers. Anyway, I designed and built  a convertible autogyro version and small  biplane I named the Webbipe, constructed mainly of  from 6mm thick depron it was fun for very little out lay.

Both models are now hung up in Steve Webbs models, well they were the last time I went up to his model shop a few years ago.

Video of the WebBipe flying up at Oldington.

Rat Out Of Hell