The outside loop:

The outside loop is an inside loop but with the airplane inverted i.e. the top of the plane faces outwards throughout the loop.


How to fly it: Your airplane must be inverted (i.e. rolled through 180 degrees) at the start of the loop (point ‘A’ in the picture). The danger here is to remember to use down elevator to get the airplane to climb. Accidentally applying up elevator at this point will send the airplane crashing in to the ground!
Keep holding in down elevator and let the airplane do a full loop, using ailerons and/or rudder to keep it straight. At the top of the outside loop (point ‘B’), your airplane will be right side up. Reduce power and continue the loop back down towards the ground and at point ‘C’ roll through 180 degrees to bring the airplane right side up to exit the maneuver.


Above is the outside loop on video (on the RealFlight rc flight simulator), including close-ups of the Tx stick inputs and the airplane’s response.

Note: An outside loop can also be started from the top (point B in the above picture), and in this case is called a bunt. Do it by flying straight and level at a good altitude and applying and holding in down elevator all the way round the loop, using rudder/ailerons to maintain the vertical. You need to reduce power at the start of the dive until the bottom, then increase to full power to complete the second half of the loop.

Practising a bunt takes nerves – you have to commit to flying the plane all the way round, and not chickening out before it reaches the inverted stage!