The inside loop:

The inside loop is the easiest of all aerobatics to pull off and any rc airplane with elevators and sufficient power is capable of looping.


How to fly it: Start by flying straight and level in to wind, no lower than, say, 50ft/15m high.
Open the throttle to full power and, at point A in the picture above, pull back on the elevator stick to start a climb – not too suddenly, be gentle but definite. Keep the power on. The airplane will go into a vertical climb, let it keep going until it starts to roll over onto its back – point B in the picture. At this point, close the throttle and keep holding the elevator stick back, adjusting it as necessary to maintain a tidy circular path. You might also need to use ailerons/rudder to keep the path of the loop as vertical as possible, as some planes have a tendency to try and roll out of a loop.
At point C in the picture, level out the airplane by returning elevator to neutral and increase power to exit the loop, flying straight and level again.


Above is the inside loop on video (on the RealFlight rc flight simulator), including close-ups of the Tx stick inputs and the airplane’s response. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that your plane will perform the perfect loop first time, just because it’s an easy maneuver. In many cases you will need to fly the plane round the loop, rather than just yank back on the elevator and hope for the best! A perfect loop will be a vertical circle with no sideways deviations. Of course, this takes practice!