How to Join

JOINING FEES:  Current Year 2018

Subscriptions        Club    BMFA   Total
Senior (Full Year)   £36       £24     £70
Junior (Full Year)     £6        £17     £23

Part Year (After July) = 60% (Please See Note 2 below)

1. Junior Member becomes eligible for Senior Membership on attaining age 18.

2. Subscriptions are due yearly, on the 1st December. Any member in arrears at 31st December shall forfeit his membership and be required re-join as if he was a new member, unless the member can satisfy the Committee that exceptional circumstances prevented his compliance. New members joining after July shall pay 60 per cent of the Society’s portion of the current fee, plus the B.M.F.A. fee (if applicable).

Before you complete the Application For Membership Form would you please make initial contact either with our Secretary (Ian), or our Treasurer (Steve) who will be pleased to arrange to meet you at a convenient time for a helpful chat.

To express your interest in joining our flying club, you may either phone or, preferable send a Call Back Request via our website Contact Form or by email to . Your email will then be forwarded to the Committee. Please click on appropriate link above for either the Contact Form or to send an email to us.

A helpful chat would probably be best held at our local flying field where either Ian or Steve will be pleased to welcome you and assess how best we can help you in being a Member of our Club (The Severn Spinners Radio Control Society). At the same time you may also meet other members o the club.

You will then receive good advice and also assistance to complete a copy of  the Application For Membership Form (which will provided).

Thank you for your interest in joining our very friendly club.

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