Flying Restrictions

(As per Club Rules)

Diagram 1

Type 1 Aircraft
Every model aircraft fitted with an internal combustion

Type 2 Aircraft
Model aircraft with electric motors, or gliders without propulsive means

Diagram 2


Diagram 2 makes it clear that based upon Diagram 1 above (See Club Rules), the following NO FLYING RULES MUST be strictly enforced by ALL Flyers:

  1. There MUST be no FLYING over the road (Heath Lane) – All aircraft
  2. There MUST be no FLYING over the NO FLY ZONE area –All Aircraft
  3. There is a Boundary Line (330 metres) – Type 1 Aircraft
  4. There MUST be no FLYING over DWELLINGS, CARS or PITS – All aircraft

Please refer to the:
CLUB RULES which comply with the strict BMFA Rules and CAP 658 Aviation Authority Rules.