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Directions to our Flying Site
If you are interested in joining the Severn Spinners Radio Control Models Flying Club, then why not visit and check out our Membership page and also the How to Join page. We explain in these two pages how to Contact Us and we also suggest that we make arrangements to meet up probably at our flying field with one of the Committee, who will likely be either Ian our Secretary or Steve our Treasurer.  To meet up with you we will obviously provide you with clear directions as to how to locate our flying field.

Our meeting and initial chat
Meeting up with you and our initial chat will be very helpful and will enable us to understand how best we may be able to help or advise you. We will also be able to establish whether you are already an experienced flyer looking for membership, or maybe that you are considering starting out as a beginner to this very enjoyable hobby. This is when we would be able to recommend the best basic equipment you will need (with respect to model and radio gear and so on), or indeed if we consider the model and radio equipment you have already purchased is actually suitable for you as a beginner. Please note that we provide more information about the club history in our About Us page.

Monthly Social Meetings
You will be welcome to meet us at our monthly social meeting. Please enquire for more information by contacting a Committee Member or by use of Contact Form or send an email to our Club Secretary. However we will add more information about our Monthly Social Meetings here shortly.

Thank you