The Cuban 8

Cuban 8 based aerobatic maneuvers are a lot of fun and look smooth when pulled off well. They’re not too difficult to learn but an airplane with ailerons is needed, as all the Cuban 8 maneuvers involve rolling the airplane through 180 degrees.


How to fly it: Fly straight and level in to wind and at point ‘A’, in the picture above, apply full power and up elevator to initiate a climb, as if starting an inside loop. Let the airplane go in to its vertical climb and roll over on to its back at the top of the loop, point ‘B’. Continue with the loop but at point ‘C’ apply aileron to smoothly roll through 180 degrees, bringing the airplane right side up. Reduce power slightly and use elevator to maintain a 45 degree dive.
Continue the brief dive and level out at the altitude at which you entered the maneuver. As soon as you’ve levelled out, point ‘D’, increase power and begin a second loop and repeat the process of letting the airplane roll over on to its back, point ‘E’, before applying aileron at the start of the dive, point ‘F’, to roll through 180 degrees. Continue the 45 degree dive and start to recover at point ‘G’, to resume straight and level flying at your original altitude.

To test your accuracy successive Cuban 8s can be flown while trying to keep the cross-over point in the same place in the sky, and both loops equal size.

Above is the Cuban 8 on video (on the RealFlight G4.5 rc flight simulator), including close-ups of the Tx stick inputs and the airplane’s response.