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PLANNING PERMISSION – (Use of Flying Field)
Our website has now been updated to include a copy of the Wyre Forest District Council Planning Permission document listing and detailing seven conditions allowing the Severn Spinners Radio Control Society to use the area of land for flying radio controlled model aircraft.

If we do not comply with these conditions the Planning Permission may be withdrawn. This means that we would have to seek an alternative location.

Please use this link to the website page to view a copy of the Planning Permission document and further helpful information.


  1. To comply with Site Location Plan
  2. No aircraft to be flown from site, other than by Club Members and Guests
  3. Keep detailed Record of Club Activities (including Members & Guests using site)
  4. No radio controlled Internal Combustion engine aircraft  flown outside of 330 metre boundary
  5. Flying times and restrictions to be observed
  6. No more that 4 aircraft airborne at any one time
  7. Cars and other vehicles shall only be parked within area shown for Car Parking on Approved Plan

VIEW Planning Permission
Please also be aware of our separate Club Rules and also the safety procedures and rules etc published by the BMFA which apply to registered Flying Clubs and their members.