Sunday Morning 11th Feb 2018.
A nice sunny but COLD day did not stop four veteran fliers from meeting up at the field who in the end decided not to fly but instead to stand and have a natter.

But they were greeted by Pits devastation by our BADGER friends. The little blighters managed to dig up a considerable area of our PITS grass. However, apparently Morris Cookson came to the rescue and managed to level out where the grass had been dug up. What a STAR!

Our Electric Fence
This latest Badger incident does serve as a reminder to reassure us that our Electric Fence does a great job in protecting our flying patch. Dread to think of the damage that would have occurred last night without our Electric Fence.

Thank you to the Spinners Club Member Dave Kiteley for his sterling work maintaining our Electric Fence and also regularly charging up the batteries.