Achievement Certificates

Achievement Scheme Testing (‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’ Testing)

The aim of the RC Achievement Scheme is to encourage RC model flyers to improve their standard of flying and safety. It is also to raise awareness of the legal controls relating to model aircraft flying and to prove that standard and awareness to an Examiner. The scheme is run by the BMFA as a National Scheme and it is open to all RC model flyers, including non-members.

Where a non-member wishes to participate in the achievement scheme the examiner who will be conducting the test must inform the BMFA office via email or telephone no later than the day prior to the test being carried out. He will advise the BMFA of the non-member’s full name, address and the date that the test will be conducted.

This enables the BMFA to extend insurance at suitable levels for the day of the test. If this procedure is not followed the test will be invalid.

It is important to appreciate that the scheme is not primarily about permitting or licensing. Fundamentally, the scheme is all about personal goals, challenges and achievement. It is intended to provide every RC flyer with something to aspire to and aim for, should they so wish. The scheme is NOT compulsory!

Fixed Wing Power Certificates
(Basic Proficiency, A & B)

Video of ‘A’ Test

Video of ‘B’ Test

‘A’ & ‘B’ Test – Requirement

BMFA – Details of the Scheme

The ‘A’ Certificate (Link)
The ‘B’ Certificate (Link)


BMFA – Mandatory Questions (Current)
More on the Questions (Dated 2011)

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